Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I am in need of someone who can love and treat people better than they have ever seen where love flows through you and hurt and pain are removed in all you do. A place where life means something to you and all time is spent with Me loving others as I love you and time is nonexistent as you seek my face knowing life is better for those who remember what I say. All time leaves a mark where memories are fond today and each time we draw nigh we are blessed beyond our hopes and cares. I presume we must move forward seeking time as a place of movement yet when we focus on life before you we know what step to take. All within the sound of my voice will be blessed more than you have ever seen for trials have been given away and life does not move forward until we learn to trust Me. Always be kind to one another and wrestle not as some have done only speak what you have seen written in the Word given from above. If you are in a trial you must honor all my words knowing this will pass before you as you trust me totally. I have seen many others who say and do what I say yet their heart is out of alignment and do not feel they can be honest with Me. I can conquer all of life's problems yet if you fret and frown your success is diminished as life feels upside down. Do not tell Me what you think or need for I know according to Psalms 23 only give praise to God before you and I will part the sea for you knowing life means something to you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Pretension of Trial

The ways of man are justified the cause of pain is set as man dishonors God he sets up an idol and trusts it more than wisdom of today. How does self satisfaction propel you into a peaceful court and how do flowers smell good to you if you honor time as more important that time with God today. Always in a hurry this is true today most people will scurry leaving peace along the way. Shall we value time as a way to be in alignment leaving evidence for others to see what is right and how life changes for those who accept victory. Always challenge yourself to do what is best according to truth take a stand on the Word and I will always back you. My support goes farther than others think or say for my plan for you depends on if you believe what I say. I will speak highly of you and bring victory to you along with peace I give to you never forgetting how much I love you. You believe and you will see how beautiful life can be and always try to move forward leaving your decisions to Me.

Monday, April 21, 2014

In the Peace of Life

The troubles in life can be changed. The pearl of a clam covers securely this gem known to man. To remove the pearl the animal must set itself aside so man can have the gem inside. The same is true as Jesus died so you could have the special gem known to some as salvation has come to save all of man. There is so much more in righteousness that should be viewed as we trust the plan of God in all respects not discrediting this special gift. Some see clear as I write to you and others seek the face of God wanting to know him personally instead of the gifts I hold for you. The great I Am is beyond our frame as Majesty far surpasses what man thinks yet a way was made for you to be seated with Christ victoriously. Your physical attributes are a sign of health and a peaceful heart makes way for truth so  how do we honor love by living honestly and moving toward the goal as a living example of His great love.  A time to be is before you as you bow to self indulgence and seek the counsel of the Spirit in you. If you need to change your life invite Christ in your heart and accept John 3:16 as a way of life for Christ is the door to all who know that love is given for all to be accepted by God as we honor Christ completely. The Son the Father is reflected as He does as He has been shown for perfection is in you know as you accept Christ as the way truth and life. Honor every Word spoken to you and do only as Christ would do. For peace is here in the right choice directed by the Holy Ghost. I am peace so you can be victorious thinking of only Me.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Circle of Love

Grains of sand coat the ground and we feel life is special as we are warm again. Our toes are coated with excellent things as we rest and enjoy this great beauty today. I enjoy my children each day as I am encircled with their praise. The plan of God is at work in you as we all treat others as special and important. The cares of life are given away as we know our victory in Jesus name. We can see how life is to be helping each other and putting their needs first giving praise to God for their actions today knowing God comforts us each step of the way. When trouble comes I can feel as you give your troubles away and let me clear the air. My presence I give to you today as you obey everything I say.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Precaution For Success

We are created to be full of joy and happy. The sensual life is free and clean of pain and remorse giving praise for everything as we honor his Holy name. I understand the world you live is opposite of the things I am saying yet the focus is the key deciding on whether or not you want victory. I am always in the right where wisdom and strength have been extended to you and my great love will surround you today no matter what your view. I can tell the difference between a flesh controlled or Spirit controlled body all you need is to set your mind and every thing there after will be ordered as your system will operate properly. This is the secret to happiness as the environment changes the heart yet the mind must be set and let such grace embrace you as you are now a success.

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Trembling Cause

The cares of the nation ramble on as the leaders do as tradition has told. The financial arena is the source with gestures of dishonesty to make a cover to appeal to the members of Congress and the people watching from abroad. The position of deity sees all as he looks abroad in the city and field knowing truth in the heart of man is seldom found. Some patriarchs are standing strong following strength of a mans example where he spoke only what his Father said seeking truth only in the will of His Fathers plan. I record my heart today for you to see a new way all doors are open to circumstance where favor rings true as we live our life according to Psalms 23:2. Only justice is for the one who judges himself and not others for to judge others is a key to bring judgement to yourself again and again. Do what you read and live like you mean it for God is your source and you have no ailment.  Trouble comes when you look away and honor yourself all your days. Think about things others need and position yourself lightly in life living peaceably where you are and believing God for everything. Exercise faith and be strong today doing Spiritual push ups along the way.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Time of Peace

The battles rage and all lessons have been learned and time has cone for peace within. The calmness can be compared as that of the rolling waves so gentle  yet filled with great strength. How do some feel so much stress and others unbothered by the by the situations best? Some believe in God so true and others turn away from the truth. In the hour drawing nigh some will be taken and some left standing  by I speak this truth as you may have heard it is based on the hearts condition and not on works. To be peaceful one must trust and to be fretful one is counting on self reliance. The self needs great reliance on the plan that is full of power and to be able to move a mountain one must respect the words spoken. Do as I do and you will see this place of total victory in store for you.