Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Time of Peace

The battles rage and all lessons have been learned and time has cone for peace within. The calmness can be compared as that of the rolling waves so gentle  yet filled with great strength. How do some feel so much stress and others unbothered by the by the situations best? Some believe in God so true and others turn away from the truth. In the hour drawing nigh some will be taken and some left standing  by I speak this truth as you may have heard it is based on the hearts condition and not on works. To be peaceful one must trust and to be fretful one is counting on self reliance. The self needs great reliance on the plan that is full of power and to be able to move a mountain one must respect the words spoken. Do as I do and you will see this place of total victory in store for you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Retreat

Sensible treaties and fair wars are special to those who need to be remembered as one unit taking a stand for our nation was divided and now we stand. United together in such a place is the peace we honor as the enemy has been put in his place. The battle moves forward as we honor the Word knowing the slaying of dragons is done as we take our sword and speak the Word. All power given to us is just a cause to see great power that surrounds us. Demonstrations and pretensions to the law rally forward as we move with direction given to us. To be a warrior with a cause we honor direction from above and when we take time to honor the Word we are saying we trust you Lord. How does life feel for us today as we trust not the lies of our enemy. Negativity is for those today whose heart cries please help me in this world of hurt for I do not like things this way. Peace patience are for those who trust and love me in all their ways for days of victory are upon us as we all release our faith. Do not tempt sinful thoughts and always act like the battle has been won for the enemy prowls today targeting a separation in our walls and waiting for a way to destroy our life as we let him in the door of deceit and lies. To believe a lie is to say I know this is right I have no other sense of direction as life is secure doing things my own way. This approach will manifest soon as we honor life as a void and care not to know the truth. Always be true and never lie as an escape for it will haunt you. Young and old need to know this truth for it always rips at the inside of you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Reverential awe is a position to know the purity of God is to say I humble myself before your face. To understand deity is to honor all words given to you and to feel compassion is to understand what love is on the inside of you. The place between love and hate is to turn honor our feelings over truth and to be be numb is to be completely guarded by deceit and pain. For those walls can be broken in time as we honor love today and soon the past reflects joy if we are kind and courteous every day. To be honest in a painful place is to take a stand and not repeat all mistakes seen before as we turn from this path and do not repeat.

To my daughters unequally yoked I see the abuse that should not repeat  just speak to this mountain and receive my peace set aside just for you who did not see clear and are here now to represent this truth.

To my sons who struggle and toil in life please trust my words today for my presence will change everything as you open your heart and everything negative will be tossed away. For all families are in need and lack of respect is a wearing mark that says why bother because no one cares. The difference in life is the path you take and where you see is open to you and when life feels like a pressurized can just open your heart and you will be able to breath again.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Harvest of Life

The people cry the world repairs as their sins are forgiven and those who hurt all their needs are met. Sin and disgrace have been removed and His love is in place for you. Honor acquisition benefit today for great peace is on the way as we tempt not and are free today as life is special every step of the way. It is a different view for you as you request wholesomeness and are free of pain. I am known to those who seek great love and reverential awe as the source of all who come to humility and honor my plan of saving grace. Tell me now how blessed are you as an heir of unforgettable truth. Such beauty surrounds you as life is changing for those today who release such great faith. I am present to all today who believe what I do say. And how does time stand still for you as we honor such a melodious truth. Give and receive is the plan and do not waiver as the beachy sand toss today by a breeze or unthankful for a time together with Me. I have always thought of you as one who is special and eventful too for in this life I am your God and all my commands are your hearts desire. I am like a melody to you as you sing I will flow through you enriching and reviving every part of you. For in the end life is full and when we look at trouble it disappears. Vanish away the pain of today and focus on things in Heaven today.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Do You

The earth trembles and the earth quakes as sin is abundant in this place. The choice of life today is here as repentance will clear the air. Why do people think they are in control and their life is short and unpredictable. To avoid wisdom today is to say I can do this my way. Do you find luxury and truth in a cause that celebrates you. My sons and daughters are spreading the truth and some are hurting their neck to turn away from this truth. Your time here is moving forward and what others see is not always wisdom. I suppose life seems long to you yet from my perspective it is a breath or two. Have you noticed when you were young how long your days lasted as they had some fun and now the responsibility of today seem repetitive as you move forward in this way. A thousand is a day and a day a thousand years and at my sight when you look at life today you will see why truth is necessary in this time frame. I wish you will listen to the word today and be filled with the Spirit of love today knowing wisdom will be imparted to you and all of life is filled with much truth.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Key in TIme

Please do not assume all doors are closed today when life seems closed we are to be special and believe together for a change. We are united as one strong source changing hearts where life is short. If life feels unfair today we are sent to make a change to be honored with love at all times. The present the past and the future are known to man in the scripture and my heart beats in you as we are here to be a blessing too. Always look up and never down being positive and wearing a frown upside down. Such beauty is glorified as we honor our choice in life. Smile care and forgive as we have a place to live purity honesty is sure to be as we see Christ in all honesty. Such beauty I give to you as you are honored as family. This peace is from above with daily guidance coming from love. Make this day good in all respects and honor love with constant forgiveness.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A Tetrad

The time is a mark of where we are as you see the moon so far and the distance between us does not represent the great love around us. When we look at Gods calendar we know what must be done in this time we have now for importance is placed high in the love we share as we are determined to  let Christ be our star of approval as we do what he asks us to do and bring glory to God and help people and share. Adoption is rare among some and our life should represent our great love we have for to be in the family we are approved as Christ in you changes everything. Perfection is before you in all you do just dont look back and consider Egypt for toil and malice are sure to be a trap that will break all in the end giving shame a position on your face again. Always do what I have told you it is the path for you and if you do as I have said I will exalt and make a way that brings praise to God who is your source today. To accept deceit and despair is to pretend He is not near when you move in this way you honor love as reckless and you are now full of pain. Whether or not you agree with Me you will be involved in deceit is it true you are divided following some commands as others are not important to you. Everything spoken to you today is sacred in every way for the Word is your guide and everything else shall fall aside.